Cargo consolidation

LLC Vitta-TRANS renders services of consolidation of freights at transportation of goods between Russia and foreign countries. Our work is distinguished by high efficiency of execution of orders and quality control of the offered service at each stage of transportation. Cargo consolidation is the collection and temporary storage of small volumes of cargo received from several customers for their subsequent transportation by common documents. After arriving at the warehouse, the cargo is processed and is there until it is combined with other goods. A fully formed consignment is sent to the destination.

Our services within consolidation of shipments

  • Responsible storage of goods in the warehouse;
  • repackaging of goods in accordance with export conditions;
  • marking (including goods subject to marking in accordance with the legislation);
  • palletizing and sorting of shipments;
  • loading and unloading operations;
  • cargo insurance;
  • photography and measurement of cargo spaces;
  • execution of export documents for the export of goods from the EU;
  • formation of consignments for the subsequent transportation of goods to the country of destination.

Our warehouses

As part of the consolidation, the company “Vitta-TRANS” cooperates with several warehouses used for storage and collection of goods. These databases are located in Italy, Poland, Germany and Lithuania. Storage facilities have the equipment that allows, if necessary, to process and Repack the goods.


Provide the necessary storage conditions. During consolidation, warehouses equipped with the necessary stationary and mobile rigging equipment are used. These sites provide optimal conditions for the storage of goods.

Cost savings. Cargo consolidation eliminates the need for long-term lease or purchase of storage facilities for permanent storage of goods. This factor allows to reduce the cost of maintenance of transported goods.

Highly qualified staff. The whole process of cargo consolidation is carried out by experienced employees, whose work experience is more than 10 years. The company’s staff operates in compliance with all international logistics standards. This ensures a high level of services for the consolidation of several cargoes.