Cargo containers and their main characteristics

Cargo container is a specialized transport equipment suitable for multiple use. The container is designed for transportation of cargo, ensuring its absolute safety in transit. Cargo containers are made of high quality aluminum or durable steel, which guarantees the loaded goods safety in the process of sea transportation.

Cargo containers have their own international standards, depending on the size, gross weight, as well as the method of their connection to the machines for loading and unloading containers. Transportation of containers can be carried out by various types of special transport. Various types of containers can be used for international transport deliveries.

Cargo container requirements

Containers of different types are subject to established international requirements.
The serviceability of the equipment. Any international cargo transportation can be carried out only in the serviceable container equipment which has no physical deformations and any damages. In the loaded container before transportation there should be no traces of stay of the last freights, foreign smells completely. All container equipment for Maritime transport should be equipped with mandatory corner posts, fittings and other functional devices.

Marking of containers. Before carrying out cargo transportation by sea, each container is marked, which is located in two lines and consists of 17 characters of the code. Marking should be easy to read, do not have “controversial” prescribed numbers and signs. It is in the marking code that all information about who owns the container, what its serial number is laid, to which country it belongs.
 The implementation of the security requirements of container equipment.  There is a special international Convention on safe containers, the requirements of which must be met by all carriers. Each container has a specialized plate issued by a special authority of the country in which it was produced. On the plate there is information about the personal number of the container, the date of its release, data on the maximum weight of the load, information about the passage of the stiffness tests. Each container passes through the established period of time obligatory survey, information on date and character of the carried-out repair is specified on it.

Advantages of container transportation

Sea container transportation as a part of multimodal transportation of cargo has certain advantages.

Relatively low cost of transportation. Due to the fact that sea transport can accommodate a sufficient number of containers, fuel costs and a number of other costs are significantly reduced when transporting cargo by sea. It is also possible to save money on transportation due to the possibility of temporary storage of cargo directly in the container without additional lease of storage facilities.

 High safety performance.International container transportation by sea is characterized by increased indicators of cargo safety in the process of cargo transportation and temporary storage of goods at transshipment points and consolidation warehouses. The safety of goods in containers is ensured not only by the reliability of the container equipment itself, but also by special means of fastening containers on the sea deck. Container transportation allows to provide large volumes of cargo turnover, transport cargo over long distances

Order container transportation

For more information on the organization and conduct of international container transportation of goods, as well as on the registration of applications for transportation, you can contact the managers of our company at the numbers listed in the section «Contacts».

Dimensions of cargo containers

20′ Container40′ Container40′ High-Cube45′ High-Cube
External dimensionLength6,058 m12,192 m12,192 m13,716 m
Width2,438 m2,438 m2,438 m2,438 m
Height2,591 m2,591 m2,896 m2,896 m
Inside dimensionLength5,898 m12,032 m12,032 m13,556 m
Width2,352 m2,352 m2,352 m2,352 m
Height2,385 m2,385 m2,698 m2,698 m
DoorwayWidth2,343 m2,343 m2,343 m2,343 m
Height2,280 m2,280 m2,585 m2,585 m
Volume33,1 m367,5 m376,40 m386,1 m3
Net weight2.300 kg3.800 kg4.200 kg4.800 kg
Payload28,180kg28,750 kg28,560 kg27,860 kg