Transportation of cargoes and its advantages.

Relatively low cost.

International delivery of cargoes and in particular delivery of cargoes from Europe today is in great demand in the market of related services.
This area of activity of transport companies is popular because of its financial accessibility.
High consolidation of cargo makes it possible to significantly save on delivery, to carry out transportation of small batches of goods.
Because a single cargo, in fact, paid by all customers — participants of transportation of groupage cargo

High turnover rate

Due to the service of delivery of cargoes, customers have the opportunity to constantly replenish the range of products, to supply new goods to the warehouse as they are sold. Cargo consolidation services allow customers to carry out international delivery from different suppliers,
promptly respond to any changes in its market segment, to meet customer demand for a particular product instantly.Доставка грузов до двери

Door-to-Door delivery Service

Thanks to the use of groupage cargo delivery service, many customers of our company were able not only to order the delivery of small and medium-sized consignments from Poland, Germany, USA, China and other countries, but also to deliver the goods to the door.
After the consignment arrives at the warehouse, we unload the goods and send them directly to the customers, providing a high level of service.

Preliminary stage

  • Delivery. Any international transportation of cargoes from America, Europe, Asia begins with the organization of delivery services.
    We collect all the necessary supporting documents for the goods present in the consolidated cargo, which allows us to simplify Temporary
    in the future, the process of its importation into the territory of the Russian Federation. After that, experts prepare a package of documents for delivery, preparation for the Declaration of goods.All goods in the process of delivery of cargoes arrive at the consolidation warehouse, where they are provided with appropriate temporary storage. Once the product is fully designed, and is packaging and preparation for transport on the predetermined route.

    Customs clearance.

Preparation of documents

This stage of transportation of cargoes provides for the inspection of all goods involved in the combined delivery.
The customs Declaration is checked and filled in accordingly. The customs Declaration must
all necessary commercial, payment and transport certificates are attached. Documentation should be regulated in
according to the requirements of the CU.

Customs clearance involves the presentation of documentation by the carrier of the purchase and sale
or exchange for imported goods, agreements for temporary supply, as well as a number of other documents that will allow the import of goods
on the territory of the Russian Federation from abroad. The relevant invoice is attached to the supply contract. It is in this document
the number of the contract, the date of its preparation, as well as the details of the consignee and its sender are indicated. The invoice also prescribes
product name and code specified in the HS RF.

Commodity-transport documentation will depend on what types of transport
is the delivery of the goods from abroad. Specialists prepare all accompanying documentation, as well as forwarding documents.
Registration of cargo at customs is carried out taking into account the railway, air or road waybill.
Upon delivery of the cargo by sea, a bill of lading is attached — a corresponding document signed by the captain of the vessel,
which carried out the delivery of the goods. The documentation must also contain the act of loading and packing list,
in which data of the driver of this or that type of transport are specified.

To the main customs documentation applies, of course,
completed customs Declaration. It is in this document that all the necessary information about the goods that are imported as part of the consolidated cargo is prescribed.
The customs documentation attached agreement and the license agreements for the temporary storage of goods, acts of control, etc.

In the process of customs clearance, all necessary payment documents are also prepared: receipts for payment of state duty,
payment orders, Bank receipts, etc. If customs clearance is carried out on a prepaid basis, the carrier is obliged to present
documents certifying that all necessary settlement procedures are carried out between the importer and the exporter.

After all the stages of customs clearance, customs officers issue a permit to the carrier for the delivery and transportation of consolidated cargo.
Naturally, this process takes an order of magnitude less time in the case when customs clearance of goods is carried out by specialists,
experienced in this matter.

Our clients can always expect to receive additional professional advice on all issues,
concerning the organization and implementation of international delivery of cargoes from China, EU countries, America, etc.